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Floor Plans & Maps

It is helpful to provide simplified floor plans or map to help visitors to navigate through a real house or a virtual one. Excellent for schools, museums and other large, public places.

Sometimes when building is modified in its initial construction or in subsequent renovations, it is necessary to create new floor plans to show the actual and current layout of the home. Working with whatever plans are available, a careful walk-through, and measured assessment of the home will allow me to modify existing floor plans, or create completely-new plans.

Simplified floor plans

  • From provided plans
  • Digital process and files
  • For marketing property.


Building plans are usually confusing to read and cumbersome to handle.

Artful Homes artwork


Clear, easy-to-read floor plans for perspective buyers. Created at any stage of construction.

Artful Homes artwork
Aerial view of Wilton Historical Society

Map of Wilton Historical Society

Antique and new buildings comprise this museum. There were no plans to work from, so a series of measurements and photographs served as reference. A 3D model was developed and the drawing was done from that.

  • From measurements and photos
  • 11 x 14 inches
  • On high-quality watercolor paper
  • For their Visitor Map
First Floor plan of YMCA after renovations

Corrected floor plans

  • From provided plans, with corrections noted and a sketch
  • Digital process and files
  • For a members map