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Aerial & Surveys

Bring a new perspective to your marketing strategy! A bird’s-eye view is often the best way to show visitors around a large complex, museum, campus or park. An aerial view gives a unique perspective to your project and property. It is created after the digital 3D model

Artful Homes artwork
Grand Victorian Site Renovation

A proposal drawing to show planned renovations to an existing home.

  • From provided photos and plans
  • A proposal drawing
Aerial view of Wilton Historical Society
Wilton Historical Society

Antique and new buildings comprise this museum. There were no plans to work from, so a series of measurements and photographs served as reference. A digital 3D model was developed and the drawing was done from that.

  • From measurements and photos
  • 11 x 14 inches
  • On high-quality watercolor paper
  • For their Visitor Map
Artful Homes artwork
Antique Farmhouse Renovation

It was not possible to take a photograph showing all this unique property had to offer. An aerial rendering showed not only what was there, but the approved pool site as well. For this effect, a digital 3D model would be developed and the drawing done from that.

  • From provided plans photos
  • On high-quality watercolor paper